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Work on your website doesn’t end once it is launched. If you want to keep your website running smoothly, regular updates and tweaks are needed.  If you don’t want the hassle of updating your website (or if you just don’t have time) we are happy to take care of this for you.

We provide a variety of monthly maintenance packages from updates & security right through to search engine optimisation. We will ensure that your website is performing it’s best at all times.

2 Levels of Care

Choose from 2 levels of Aftercare – Premium and Elite. With prices varying on the size of your website

Our Aftercare ensures your website is up-to-date, fresh and most importantly, available online without restriction. Our pricing is based on the time we spend maintaining your website every month. Ensuring your website is secure and up to date, while allowing us to be proactive when advising on technical issues like analytics, hosting, SEO and security.

Aftercare & Maintenance Plans

Making sure you website stays fresh

We offer Aftercare Support Packages to ensure your website is up-to-date, fresh and, most importantly, is available online without restriction. We base the Monthly Price for each package on the time we are spending maintaining your website each month.

The estimated time for each of the packages (based on small websites) would 60 mins Premium and 90 minutes for Elite. These times would increase proportionally for larger websites.

Premium Package
£30.00 per Month

Your package includes……

Elite Package
£50 Per Month

All the features of premium – Plus…….

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